We will be closed from 11/21/20 to 11/26/20. All orders placed during this time will ship out on 11/27/20

About Us

Helen, OwnerI’m Helen, the owner of The MakeUp Beautique LLC! First things first... I want to thank you for taking the time to browse our online store and landing right here on our About Us page! 

The MakeUp Beautique LLC was an idea I had after I spent $40.00 at a local drug store on makeup. I got home and none of it fit the needs I had. I felt like I had just wasted the money, because the products went straight into the trash! I started pondering... ya know... I’m NOT the only woman in this world who is wasting money on products she can’t use.... 

I was a career semi truck driver for over 20+ years before I decided enough was enough.  I left my career and made it my responsibility to find the best deals, on the greatest products, that would help all the local girls in my area save money! 


“My Girls,” as I refer to my customers, have made this one of the best adventures of my life. Without them, I couldn’t have done it. I praise our beautiful Northern New Mexico women for gracing me with their selfies, smiles, friendship, and feedback on products! We now not only have our beauties from New Mexico, but we have them across the United States and worldwide! 

The MakeUp Beautique LLC is a family owned and operated business in rural Northern New Mexico. Our family is our customers and our customers are our family. Having affordable, good quality products at an affordable price is our ultimate goal. Our customers have made our adventure amazing!!!